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Before purchasing ANY property on Jackson Lake, be sure you know the answers to these questions.


Price and home for sale

  1. Is the price reasonable based on current market conditions?
  2. Are there other options to consider on this lake with 135 miles of shoreline?
  3. How long is the Due Diligence period to make sure you can get permits for a dock, seawall, septic, etc…?
  4. Can the lot be permitted for a dock by Ga Power? What size is permitted?
  5. What if the lot has less than 100 feet of shoreline at the Ga Power project boundary?
  6. What will it cost to build a dock system?
  7. Can you build a dock before building a house?
  8. Is there boat ramp access?
    Boat house and stationary dock

    Boathouse and Dock of our Swan Ct listing

  9. Will the County and Ga. EPD allow the construction of a seawall if desired?
  10. What is that process to build a seawall? How long does it take and how much will it cost?
  11. Will there be flood insurance required on new construction?
  12. What is the 530 contour? What is the 535 contour?
  13. What is an elevation certificate and a LOMA?
  14. Is Ga. Power property between the lot and the lake? How does it affect value?
  15. What are the setbacks from the lake? What is the project boundary?
  16. What will it cost to clear and grade for construction?
  17. What will it cost to install a septic system to code? What if you hit rock?
  18. Who is a quality contractor in the area for a turn key job?
  19. The Big Question: How much does it cost to build a house, plus amenities at the lake?
2 story lakefront home with white rails and path to water.

Lakefront view of 8 bedroom Campbell Rd home for sale on Jackson Lake.

Lakefront homes are usually quite a bit more expensive to build than a subdivision home. Since you are building a single custom home instead of a builder who builds dozens of similar homes at a time…the costs are usually significantly higher.  In addition to the cost of clearing, grading, seawalls, docks, boathouse, etc… Lake homes usually have extensive porches and patio areas, outdoor kitchens, lots of windows, garages, long paved driveways, concrete walkways to the lake, irrigation systems, and significant landscaping. At current market conditions, and historically high construction costs it may be considerably less expensive to buy an existing home than to build new.

Also, if you are considering buying a lot for investment, educate yourself on market trends, comparable sales, and realistic future value expectations. Look at Turtle Cove off the water lots that have not been built on for 40 years. Many of these can be bought for as little as $2,000… with Turtle Cove amenities. Lots that are Waterfront and Dockable with 100 feet at the project boundary are the most desirable since they currently may be permitted to build a double slip covered dock. We recently sold a deeded waterfront lot in Turtle Cove and the buyer obtained a permit to build a double covered boat dock during the due diligence period. This big-water lot was on the market for almost 2 years at $139k and sold for $115k including access to All of Turtle Cove amenities.

FYI: The project boundary is generally 25 ft from the shoreline at full pool but can be much larger based on the plat. Below this line is generally controlled and owned by Ga Power.

This is just a quick summary of items you should know to make the best decision. If you are considering a property purchase of any type on Jackson Lake, please give us a call first to discuss all of your options. Jackson Lake real estate is our Full-Time business. We have the answers to these questions and yours!


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